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For us, it’s always been all about the people, and our team are the most important ones – our backbone and the heart of the company. We thrive on bringing our customers the very best experiences, building an insanely passionate team, and constantly innovating and evolving.

Our team is a direct reflection of who we are and what we believe in, and we’re proud to hold our values so highly. From the owners to Ice Bar hosts and service staff – everyone in our team plays a crucial role in making our customer service seamless, engaging, and genuinely enjoyable.

Queenstown Ice Bar - Camille - Join The Team

Our Crew


Venue Manager

Originally from France, our ice bar mum studied tourism management and gained experience in outdoor and extreme activity sites. After travelling through Australia in a 4WD she arrived in Queenstown in 2018 for a holiday and never left ! Her “go big or go bigger” approach means that she will always coach the team to grow and provide the best experience possible. To relax, Cami loves to take her kayak out on the lake and enjoy sunny days by the beach.


Duty Manager

Meet Lois, the newest addition to the team! Originally from England, Lois moved to New Zealand in 2019, seeking adventure and new experiences. With a passion for making people smile, Lois brings a unique blend of humour, energy and friendliness to the ice bar. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Lois is sure to make your visit to Queenstown Ice Bar a memorable one!


Ice Bar Host

Originally a mix of Dominican Republic and Portugese, Juan was born and raised in Austria, combining the best of all three countries! Gabriel has worked in various hotels, restaurants and bars, but ended up in the ‘coolest’ place in New Zealand. In his spare time, Gabriel enjoys exploring the culinary of Queenstown with friends. He loves travelling, meeting new people, learning about different cultures and is always up for chat.


Ice Bar Host

Our German rockstar came to Queenstown in December and has been an absolute treasure to the team. He’s is always up for a chat, wanting to engage with people to make their experience unforgettable.  When he’s not at Queenstown Ice Bar, you can catch him outdoors on some adventures around town and eating cheesy garlic bread. 


Ice Bar Host

Born and raised in Toronto, Ryan arrived in NZ in November and made his way down to Queenstown, where he fell in love with the incredible scenery. The cold temperature in the Ice bar makes him feel like he is at home again. He loves chatting with people and is entertained by guests trying to guess if he is American or Canadian! Outside of work he loves the outdoors and exploring New Zealand’s beautiful lakes and mountains.

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Serving cocktails in one of the most scenic places on the planet is a hard ask, but somebody’s gotta do it. Interested in joining the Queenstown Ice Bar team? We’re scouting for people to become hospitality superstars with us, who have got what it takes to excel in the industry and become a member of the family.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s start the journey.